The portioned system for your protein shake

  • At the touch of a button
  • Perfectly prepared and precisely dosed
  • Hygienc and no cleaning
  • Checked quality for a healthy and tasty treat

That’s lifestyle! Everything else is just a drink. 

Together we grow your protein powder business.

  • Sell your protein powders under your brand in your sales channels with the Nootrie portioned system.
  • The Nootrie portioned system is worldwide scalable.

Together we create additional sales in your studios.

  • No investment necessary, therefore no risk.
  • Innovative hygienic self-service offer with attractive margins. 
  • Existing sales and payment system can be used. 

Together we create maximum customer satisfaction. 

  • Wide range of products with a variety of tastes and protein powders. 
  • Always a fresh shake, convenient with perfect quality.

We are experts in machines and capsule technology.

Granted patents in Europe, the US and China. 

100% recyclable capsule thanks to a mono-material design.

Strategic Partners

We are seeking additional partners!

Together we create value.

Nootrie invites you to become valued customer / partner. 

Nootrie offers the opportunity to participate in the next investment round.