Nootrie - professional Advisory Board - Remo Jutzeler, Sponser AG

The consulting staff around Nootrie is gradually coming together! Sponser Sport Food AG, the largest Swiss sports nutrition provider, has agreed to complete the Advisory Board of Nootrie. 


With Sponser, Nootrie gains an extremely important partner who will have a decisive influence on the end product. The products will be offered and distributed in the sports sector. The countless top athletes who trust Sponser prove their effectiveness and quality. 


Sponser Sport Food AG was founded in 1988 and has been celebrating success after success ever since. Unsatisfied with the range of sports food available at the time, the two cyclists Ernst Jucker and Robert Lutta felt the need to convince with innovative quality products. Acceptance was high and the company is now the Swiss market leader in the field of sports nutrition.


With a range of over 120 products and its own research and development department, the company can call itself an innovation leader in the field of sports nutrition. 

Numerous elite athletes and organizers of sporting events place their trust in the high quality and technical know-how from Wollerau; now in over 30 countries. 


Around 40 employees in the ISO-certified company ensure the best possible products and make their expertise in the food and sports sectors available to customers. 


A branch in Lindau on Lake Constance also serves the entire EU export market.


With Remo Jutzeler, head of the research and development department in Wollerau, Nootrie gains another expert in the newly created advisory board. 


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We are very much looking forward to the active and constructive cooperation! 


Sponser Sport Food AG

8832 Wollerau

7/25/2019 by Robert Nef

Nootrie - professional Advisory Board - Andreas Halbleib, CEO QUO AG

After we had the pleasure to present our newly founded Advisory Board with the first member, Urban Kiefer, Chairman of Rotel AG, on 26 June last, we are very pleased to welcome another member! 


With Andreas Halbleib, graduate engineer in mechanical engineering, Nootrie gains an expert in the development of machine components for the Nootrie device. The company QUO, managed by Mr. Halbleib, has decisively contributed to make Nootrie what it is today! 


Today, QUO AG employs 24 people who are responsible for more than 500 innovation projects. Over the past 18 years, QUO has always looked for innovative solutions in the development of new technical products for its customers. 


There is some evidence for the successful development of new products; from a modular control system to a new air conditioning ceiling system to the design of a capsule coffee machine for the Brazilian market. For further ongoing projects, see 

"The QUO team, characterized by its extraordinary diversity and proven methodological skills over many years, supports its customers in leaving the company in such a way that the QUO status can confidently be left to the past and the perspective of the impossible is opened up.


The resulting uncertainty means: putting aside one's own knowledge in modesty, discarding the apparently existing control from the accustomed QUO status and directing one's senses to the extraordinary as one sets out". Excerpt from the web page of the company.


For further information please visit the homepage


We are looking forward to an active and constructive cooperation!




8152 Glattpark

7/8/2019 by Robert Nef

Nootrie - professional Advisory Board - first member

Henry Ford stated, "Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success."


In order to lead an idea to success, the interaction of the most diverse specialists is necessary. The experience of each individual is central to realizing an idea. The Advisory Board offers an ideal platform to bring together interest groups and specialists and to benefit from their experience in specific areas. 


Nootrie is very pleased to announce that the newly founded Advisory Board welcomes its first member! Urban Kiefer, Chairman of the Board of Rotel AG, will strengthen the team. Thanks to his many years of experience, Nootrie is convinced that he will take a big step in the right direction.


Rotel is one of the leading full-range suppliers of electrical appliances and with its wide range of products largely covers consumer needs.

Under the leadership of CEO Christoph Kiefer, Rotel today sells around 400,000 appliances per year. Founded in 1948 as a production company, Rotel is a trading company with branded products and its own product lines under the "swiss selection" label.


In order to guarantee high quality, all Rotel equipment is subject to strict tests and inspections. Services and repairs are covered by the professional Rotel service. This ensures that a device is functional again within the shortest possible time or that the customer receives a replacement device.


With experience, motivation and courtesy, Rotel employees meet the quality requirements set every day and thus lay the foundation for a successful long-term future.

It’s easy to do great work when you believe in what you do. That’s why we’re committed to helping more people like you, every day.
Rotel AG

5012 Schönenwerd

6/26/2019 by Robert Nef